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Church destroyed by MB rebuilt by Egyptian army | wataninet.com

Hollande blames IS armed group for Paris terror attacks

A quiet comeback for the Free Syrian Army?

Despite repeated defeats and write-offs, Syria’s moderate rebels were never fully eliminated, and have recently been on the front foot. The loose coalition of non-jihadist Syrian rebels often dubbed the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has not had an easy time of the past two years.

Kerry says he has been told Assad means to enter real negotiation | Reuters

How the terror attacks in Paris unfolded | World news | The Guardian

No conciliation between Amreya Copts and Muslims | wataninet.com

The Enemies of the Leader

From Turkey to Myanmar

ISIS in Libya fights to emulate Iraq, Syria success | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

Egypt's woes erode el-Sissi's image of invincibility


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