Moderate Islamism: the West’s unrequited love affair

About a decade ago, the (politically) Western hemisphere enthusiastically volunteered for a political experiment based on generous euphemism for “moderate” Islamism, unable to see that there is only Islamism and there are only physically more violent forms of Islamism. The West had fallen in love with something that did not exist. The laboratory room the experiment would take place was called Turkey.

Or, in President Barack Obama’s words in 2009, Turkey, “the great Islamic democracy.” He and many others hoped it would be so. In that fairy tale, Turkey’s Islamists would build a beacon of democracy that would create the French Revolution effect on all other Muslim nations in one of the world’s most turbulent neighborhoods. Since 2009, President Obama has left us wondering why he has never called Britain “a great Christian democracy,” Israel “a great Jewish democracy,” or Japan “a great Shintoist democracy.” Nor has he explained why “democracy” should need a religious prefix.

Now it looks it is payback time. Read this: